Savings Goals: Team member Shauna

Saving for Travel

Combining travel to a warm, sunny destination with spending quality time with family and experiencing your culture can make for an unforgettable winter getaway.

That’s what Shauna Gayle-Robinson, our administrative assistant at Caddle, is doing this year as she packs for a visit to Jamaica in a few weeks.
<blockquote"I am currently saving and looking forward to my 2019 vacation in Jamaica. I am anxious and excited as this will be my first time visiting in years. The best part about my vacation is that it will be spent with my entire family. I'm looking forward to experiencing different aspects of my culture such as dance, food and the arts," she said.

Caddle team member Shauna's saving journey

Visiting Jamaica

Jamaica is a truly vibrant place where tranquil beaches, stunningly beautiful waterfalls, mouthwatering food and an eclectic culture all await. While it can be an expensive destination to visit, you can easily save some of your hard-earned Caddle cash with these budgeting tips:

Treat yourself to lunch and casual meals at local restaurants and dine on dishes like fish (a staple in the Jamaican diet), jerk chicken or pork, sweet potato and more. Expect to spend about $4.50 US for your average meal. Better yet, pick up your food at local supermarkets and cook your meals, says Nomadic Matt in his Jamaican travel guide..

For a taste of Jamaica’s famously rich culture, visit Kingston, the island’s capital (and largest) city. Travel blog A World to Travel says its blend of urban society with exotic jungle life means you’ll have fantastic opportunities to explore what the area offers, from the blue mountains to the busy natural┬áharbour. And one of the best parts is that this trip is budget-friendly; there are many restaurants and guesthouses that won’t break the bank.

Caddle team member Shauna's saving journey

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