Saving Goals: Caddle team member Keith

Reading and Book Collectors

For bibliophiles (people who love books), spending a quiet Saturday afternoon in a used book store, hunting down antique classics and horror novels, sci-fi and history, or even a good autobiography, is their idea of a perfect way to spend the day.

Keith Thompson research strategist at Caddle blog

Keith Thompson, our research strategist at Caddle, is an avid book collector who often spends his free time combing the shelves looking for a new favourite. While he doesn’t currently have a savings goal, more books and bookshelves are always on his wish list.

“I’m not really saving for anything in particular…though I do spend an ungodly amount of money on books,” he said. “So, I guess if I was saving for anything it would be more books/bookshelves/places to put my books/even more books.”

Although the library is a fantastic place to borrow books from, Keith prefers the experience of shopping for a used book, then adding it to his collection.

Keith Thompson research strategist Caddle blog

“I like having books, so the library isn’t really for me (besides, most of what I read isn’t available at a public library). Though I do really like going to used book stores. BMV in Toronto is the most amazing book store ever! I have no problem going the used way, it’s awesome to find old editions of books, and occasionally you get ones with notes in them, so it’s awesome to kind of “look” into another person’s mind and what they thought of the book/passages/etc.”

Tip: Used book stores, charity shops and thrift stores can be great places to find pre-loved paperbacks and antiques on a tight budget, says Book Riot, a blog for bookish people. There are also grocery stores and dollar stores – good sources for inexpensive children’s picture books.

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