Saving Goals: Caddle team member Ryan

Are you the type of person who can feel cash burning a hole in their pocket as soon as they get it? Or, maybe you hold on to your fun money until you find something worthy of your hard-earned coin?

Ryan Robillard Caddle savings article

Either way, it might pay off to have a strategy when it comes to cashing out on Caddle. Ryan, an administrative coordinator at Caddle, prefers to delay spending until something catches his eye:


β€œAs an individual with an ever-changing life and fluid opinions, I’m not after a specific item with my Caddle cash-out. I do however enjoy a nice pile of satisfaction so I believe I’ll wait for more money than the minimum $20.00 ,and knowing myself I will spend that hard earned cash-out on something I want, not something I need due to my paychecks going to what I need. Looking back on this, I’ll probably purchase a video game!”

Ryan Robillard Video games

When it comes to specific strategies, he advises savvy shoppers to make sure they want the item on offer β€œfor a reason other than the Caddle credit. For example, getting an item (you) would normally buy or an item one is planning on trying. If (you) buy just to get the credit, it is almost always a loss of money (ALMOST).”


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