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Make money by answering paid surveys, watching ads, writing reviews & engaging with brands.

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  • Caddle is a FREE and SECURE data insights platform that helps you earn rewards (and real cash back) by answering surveys, watching ads, writing reviews & engaging with brands you know and love!

    But that’s not all – you can also earn valuable rebates from your favourite brands simply by uploading your receipts after your purchase. No muss, no fuss, it’s easy!

  • On the Offers Page (the main screen!) of the app you can see a list of all of the offers (surveys, reviews, coupons and more) currently available on the platform.

    Upon clicking on any given offer you will be brought to a screen outlining the requirements and details of the offer.

    Clicking the red button on the bottom of the page will allow you to begin a Survey, write a Review or make a submission to a Coupon offer.

    For Surveys, read each question carefully and answer as accurately as possible. We do our best to offer responses that include any possible option!

    For Reviews, please give honest feedback on the related product (our clients want to know what you really think!). These reviews are shared so that other consumers can make better informed purchases, and your experiences and opinions are valuable!

    For Coupon offers, make sure you know exactly which product is being offered, and make your purchases as soon as possible to ensure you are able to redeem before the budget runs out! At that point, you can use the in app manual or automatic camera to take a picture of your receipt or to select an image from your camera gallery. After capturing the image you can select all of the available offers you want to redeem on the receipt, and then select “Upload.” Your receipt is now pending approval in our system!

    For Email Sign-Up offers, a client has asked us to offer our members access to their newsletters or website communication. When you complete an Email offer, you’ve been added to a mailing list for one of our clients.

    We’re always working on new campaigns and offer types so that we can bring more variety and more cash back to our members!

  • By now, you might have noticed that each and every Caddle offer has an important note in the offer details – 

    “Offer available in limited quantities”

    What does this mean and why is it so important?

    Every offer is built with a set budget and therefore has a set number of available redemptions.

    This means that each offer is available in limited quantities, and after the available redemptions have been claimed, the offer will disappear from the Caddle platform.

    This does cause some confusion because popular offers can fully redeem very, (VERY) quickly, and redemptions are available on a first come, first served basis. They can be there one minute and gone the next!

    As an offer is nearing fulfillment, it will say “Not Many Left” at the bottom of the offer.

    It is important to check Caddle frequently for offer availability, especially in case an offer has fully redeemed before you’ve had the chance to submit; we don’t want any member to make a purchase and then miss the opportunity to redeem the offer. 

    Our best suggestion is to redeem as soon as you see an offer that you’re interested in – submit that photo of your receipt as soon as you’ve got it!

    Please note that an offer may reappear on the platform if some of the uploads submitted have been declined and the budget gets a ‘boost’!

    If you’ve got more questions, send them our way!

  • For almost all offers, unless otherwise stipulated, Caddle Rebate offers can be redeemed at any store in Canada!

    To get your Cash Back Credits, after making the required purchase, open your Caddle app, select the related offer and simply select the ‘Upload Receipt’ or ‘Upload Image’ buttons to upload your receipt and / or image.

    You can shop anywhere in Canada – we just need the receipt to show that the exact product on offer was purchased, and we use receipt descriptions and UPCs (Universal Product Codes) to validate your purchases.

  • Was there an offer that you saw, but when you opened the app and tried to redeem, it had disappeared?

    Although an offer time frame may span for a week, many of our offers are fully claimed before the time frame ends.

    First of all, please accept our apologies – we understand the frustration and disappointment that you are experiencing. We do our best to provide a reasonable number of available redemptions and make sure that offers with extremely limited availability are appropriately targeted to a reduced audience.

    We would like nothing more than having unlimited redemptions for all offers but we can explain why that’s not feasible on the platform.

    All of our offers are available in limited quantities.This is due to one major factor – budget.

    When we create campaigns on our platform, each offer is built with a finite budget. This means that if the offer’s budget is $100, and we are crediting members $1 for their purchase, there are only 100 available redemptions.

    As we grow and as our member base grows, we aim to have more offers with more availability, but we will always have predetermined quantities available and do our best to keep things fair!

    After an offer has been completely redeemed, it will disappear from the platform.

    Sometimes the submissions that have been made to the offer are declined, which means that a redemption has become available again. When that happens, the offer will briefly return to the offer page until that redemption has claimed by a member. We know that the disappearance / reappearance can be confusing so we hope we’ve helped clear that up!

  • For our Rebate / Coupon offers, each campaign is a bit different.

    Some offers are only able to be redeemed once for the duration of the campaign, or once per week, while others may be able to be redeemed more than once per time frame.

    Each offer will show you how many redemptions are available to you in the offer time frame.

    Steps to check the number of available redemptions –

    1. Find the offer you’re interested in on the main Offers Page
    2. Select the offer
    3. Beside the Cash Back dollar amount on the page, underneath the offer name, you’ll see the ‘Limit Per Person’ (see images below!)


    Unless otherwise indicated in the offer, when more than 1 redemption is available per person, the redemptions can be claimed all at once on one receipt, or in separate uploads from separate purchases.

    For any other offer type – Review, Survey, Email Sign-up – you may only redeem ONCE.

    Once you have redeemed all available redemptions for an offer, that offer will no longer be visible on your Offers Page.

    Submit a Support Request if you have more questions!

  • Have you seen a blog post, or heard from a friend or family member that they’ve got a new offer to redeem, but you aren’t able to see it on your Offer Page?

    We can shed some light on this process and clear up any confusion!

    Many of the offers / surveys on Caddle are offered to all of our Members, but some of them may be targeted at certain demographics.

    As an example, when we have a survey about cat food preferences, we would ask our members whether they have a cat so that we can ask those members specific questions about their cat food purchases and preferences.

    Another example would be when we have a campaign for a product available in a limited number of retailers, and those retailers are within a very specific region in Canada, so we make sure that those offers are only visible to members nearby.

    Caddle uses response results obtained from Screener Surveys and Daily Surveys to determine the audiences that are most valuable for the campaigns.

    While we never want to deprive members of certain offers, in some cases, the offers aren’t relevant to everyone and so those offers must be targeted very specifically!

    One important thing to note is that your Caddle profile details should be as up to date and accurate as possible – if you want to review your profile details or make any updates, follow the steps below

    1. Open your Caddle app or visit and sign in to your account
    2. In the app, click on the menu in the top left of the screen (on the website, click on your name in the top right corner) and select ‘My Account’
    3. Once you’ve made it to your Account page, select ‘Edit’
    4. Make any changes necessary
    5. Select ‘Save’

    With accurate and up to date Profile/Account details, and responding to surveys as accurately as possible will ensure that you are receiving all offers that are relevant to you!

    Please reach out if you have more questions about this topic!

  • Have you made a submission that was declined due to ‘Being outside the offer time frame’?

    This might be confusing but we can explain and our team is always ready to help!

    Each offer available on the Caddle platform has a set time frame of availability.

    That time frame indicates when the purchase should be made, and when that receipt should be submitted to the offer.

    For example, if the time frame is July 8th, 2021 to July 14th, 2021, the purchase date & receipt date must fall within July 8th to July 14th AND the submission to the offer must occur after July 8th at 12:00 am EST and before July 14th at 11:59 pm EST.

    The offer time frame / offer timing details are at the bottom of each offer page (see video below!) –

    Double check the Offer Timing when planning to make a purchase, and confirm that your receipt date matches the time frame when you are submitting!

    If your receipt should have been approved, but was declined in error, reach out to our team who will review your submission and make all necessary adjustments!

  • When uploads in our system are processed, we are checking that receipt images meet all offer requirements. We have tailored our decline responses to provide our members with more detail about what went wrong with their submission.

    Please make sure that you have subscribed to our emails, because we want to keep you in the loop about your submissions!

    Here is a quick breakdown of the reasons an upload will be declined –

    • BROKEN IMAGE LINK – this means that something went wrong during upload, and there is no visible receipt image (even though we know you uploaded one!)
    • BLURRY IMAGE – this happens sometimes when parts of the receipt are just a bit too out of focus and we can’t read the relevant details.
    • $5.00 REQUIREMENT NOT MET – for our generic receipt collection, we require members to spend a minimum of $5.00 at the retailer. Failure to spend $5.00 or more will result in a decline. On occasion, we receive submissions that show discounts have been applied, and while these can be approved, our system may make a mistake here or there. Let us know if we should make a correction.
    • Costco Auto-servicing / Gas / Liquor – Currently, we are only accepting Costco GROCERY receipt submissions. Receipts from different Costco departments are not accepted.
    • DUPLICATE SUBMISSION – This means that this receipt has already been submitted to our system. Any receipt may only be submitted once.
    • INCOMPLETE UPLOAD – similar to a Broken Image Link, something went wrong during upload and the full receipt image didn’t make it through, so we are unable to approve the receipt.
    • INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER – currently, we only accept Canadian receipts.
    • IRRELEVANT IMAGE – on occasion, an image that is not a receipt is submitted. We assume that this happens accidentally. When you receive the decline, resubmit the right image/receipt!
    • ITEM NOT FOUND – this decline will come when the upload came through correctly and we have reviewed the receipt but can not see that the correct item was purchased. We review receipts for product names/descriptions and UPCs (Universal Product Codes).
    • MISSING DATE – this means that there is no visible date on the receipt and we can’t confirm that the purchase was made in the correct time frame (this is usually due to a receipt date being on the back of the receipt!).
    • MULTI-BUY OFFERS – if an offer requires that 2 products are purchased together (BUY 2), the receipt will not be approved unless the 2 products have been purchased.
    • MULTI-BUY OFFERS with MULTIPLE RECEIPTS – if an offer requires that 2 products are purchased together (BUY 2), both items must be on the same receipt. If 2 receipts have been submitted, we can not approve the submission.
    • OFFER REQUIREMENTS NOT MET – some of our offers have a few steps that members must follow in order to redeem (for example, we may require a Caddle promo code to be used or it may require the purchase of the item on offer be made through a specific link, etc.). The easiest way to avoid a decline due to offer requirements is to follow the offer details exactly.
    • ONLINE ORDERS MISSING PACKING SLIP – if you are submitting to any offer but have made the purchase online, the submission must show proof of delivery or pickup! We need to know that the order can’t be cancelled.
    • OUTSIDE OFFER TIME FRAME – this means that the date on the receipt does not match the offer time frame. Please make sure to review the time frame before making a submission!
    • SIMILAR BUT INCORRECT ITEM PURCHASED – this means that though the item purchased is similar to the item on offer, it does not match exactly. This may mean that the wrong flavour or size was purchased.
    • RECEIPT SHOWING RETURN – we can not accept receipts that show that the item on offer was returned.
    • SUSPICIOUS RECEIPT – this means that the receipt looks like it has been manipulated or edited. Members may not write on or change receipts to adjust receipt details.
    • TOO MANY RECEIPTS – our system is only able to review one receipt per submission, so if an upload has been made with more than one receipt, we must decline and request individual submissions.
    • WRONG QUANTITY – on occasion, the redemption quantity claimed might not match the quantity on the receipt, which will result in a decline.
    • WRONG RETAILER – if there is a requirement or restriction related to WHERE the item MUST be purchased, if the receipt shows a different retailer, the submission will be declined.

    If you receive a decline and there has been an error, that’s where our Member Success team come in and help resolve the problem. Errors can occur, are never intentional and we are always happy to help!

    If you aren’t able to resubmit without our assistance, please submit a Support Request to our team and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

  • We try to review and process all uploads in our system within 72 hours BUT we are only human and when we experience high volumes of submissions, we can fall behind.

    If you’re concerned whether your upload did come through to our system, simply check your Transaction History on your Account page!

    You will see a clock face if your upload is still waiting to be processed, and know that we will review your upload as soon as possible!

  • All receipts uploaded to Caddle must have the retailer name, location, receipt total, receipt date, and items purchased (most ESPECIALLY the item(s) on offer) clearly visible in order for them to be approved.

    The more specific the information on the receipt is, the easier it is for our system to validate. 

    This is how our processing system can verify that the receipts meet the offer requirements, and to detect for fraudulent or manipulated receipts.

    If a receipt does not have sufficient information for approval (for example, if a UPC – Universal Product Code – is not on the receipt, or the product description on the receipt isn’t very specific) that upload may be declined. 

    Our Member Success team can absolutely assist you, but please make sure to attach a copy of the receipt image when you reach out, and if you have any additional identifying information that shows that the correct product was purchased, that will be very helpful for us!

  • Some receipts may require more than one image to capture the full receipt, either because the receipt is long or double sided.

    Automatic Mode on the in-app camera is pretty sophisticated – if you can take a photo from enough distance where you can see the full receipt in your screen, the receipt image should be clear enough for our system to read. 

    Manual Mode on the in-app camera will also allow you to take multiple photos of your receipt before uploading it! Make sure that you ‘add section’ if you are using Manual Mode.

    Another option for submitting receipts that are too long to fit in one image is by taking photos using the camera on your device. Then you can upload images from your camera roll / photo library to the offer, completely bypassing the need to use the cameras in the app. 

    If anything goes wrong and that receipt is declined, remember to attach receipt photos when you reach out to our team for assistance! We’ll be able to assist with the submission. 

    ***All receipts must be fully visible in a single upload***

  • Cashing out is everyone’s favourite (even ours – we love seeing our members get paid for their participation)!

    To start, we do have a minimum balance required for cashing out. Your account must have a minimum balance of $20.00 in order to complete a cash out request. 

    Once you’ve completed $20.00 or more in Caddle activities, you can go to your account page and select the red button labelled ‘Cash Out’. 

    You will be redirected to a screen asking you to input or edit / confirm your mailing address. Caddle sends our members their cash out cheques through the mail, so double and triple check that your address is accurate and complete!

    By pushing that lovely red button, your entire account balance (for all processed and completed activities – any pending submissions will not be included in the cash out) will be pushed into our Cash Out Request processing queue. 

    Once your request has been submitted to the queue, there are 2 processing stages that it will go through to be reviewed and approved. 

    Along the way, we’ll send you email updates as the request goes through each stage in the process so you know when to expect the delivery. 

    Once you’ve been notified that your cash out has completed processing, make note of that date and if you haven’t received your cheque after 4 weeks (usually it’s faster!) then please reach out to our team. We’ll find out what went wrong and we’ll get you your cheque!

  • It can be a good idea to update your passwords on occasion and it doesn’t take long to change your password for your Caddle account!

    If you’re already logged into your account on our website or in the app, you can change it on your account page.

    From the menu, simply select ‘Account’ and you’ll be redirected to your account page. 

    From that page, select ‘Edit’ – you’ll be able to change any of your profile details, including your password. 

    Save before you exit and you’re all done!

    If you’re having trouble logging in or have forgotten your password, just click the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page.

    An email will be sent to you (check your Spam and Junk folders!) and you’ll be able to follow the link provided to update your password. 

    If you run into any issues, reach out to our team for assistance and we’ll take care of the rest!

  • Where do you need to be to access the Caddle platform and earn cash back for all your participation?

    As of 2021, Caddle is only available in Canada!

    Proudly Canadian and headquartered in the Niagara Peninsula, who knows what the future will hold for Caddle Inc.!

  • Are you loving the surveys so much, you’d like to take them twice?

    Or you’re earning some sweet cash back and want to double up?

    Unfortunately, that’s a major ‘No No’ on the Caddle platform. 

    Each person is permitted only one account.

    Your thoughts and opinions are so valuable to Caddle, and part of their value is in their uniqueness. 

    See for more details; any prohibited activities are outlined in our Terms of Use and we want our members to read and understand our Terms so that we are all on the same page. 

    If you have questions about the Terms and need some clarification, send an inquiry to our team through our Support Request contact form and we’ll address your concerns!

  • Are you planning to move and want to make sure your Caddle cash out cheque finds you?

    We want to make sure it finds you, too!

    If you’ve made a cash out request to your old address, but move before your cheque arrives, let us know as soon as possible and we can sort out a solution!

    If you have just moved and don’t have any cheques on the way, then all that you need to do is update your mailing address when you next submit a cash out request. 

    By selecting ‘Cash Out’ on your Account page, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can edit / update your name and mailing address. Simply save the update and now we’ve got your new address in our system. 

    If you need some more help, reach out to our team with a Support Request and we’ll sort things out. 

  • Don’t panic!

    The worst case scenario here is just that it will take us a bit longer to get your cheque to you, but we WILL get your cheque to the new address!

    If you have cashed out and your cheque is en route to your old address, there are a few different ways that this situation will play out. 

    1. The new resident at your old address might receive this cheque and save it for you to pick up, or they may forward your mail to the new address (this is ideal but it’s not typical!)
    2. The new resident may drop the cheque right back in the mail to ‘Return to Sender’ – this means that we’ll receive the cheque and can reissue it immediately to your updated address!
    3. Nothing happens with the cheque. Maybe it arrives to the old address or maybe it’s lost; all that we can see from our end is that the cheque was issued, and never cashed. 

    In scenario 1 or 2, you’ll receive your cheque without too much issue. 

    In scenario 3, we are able to reissue your cheque to you as soon as the lost / missing cheque becomes stale dated

    Our cash out cheques become stale dated 3 months from the date that the original was issued.

    We know that’s not ideal and we know it’s inconvenient to have to wait longer, but this is our bank’s policy and the only way to accelerate a reissue is by applying a stop payment to the original cheque, and that comes with a fee (and no one likes added fees!). 

    In any case, if you move before you receive your cheque, submit a Support Request to our team, we’ll figure out what has gone on with the cheque and we’ll make sure you get paid!

  • Did you submit a cash out request weeks ago and there’s still no sign of your Caddle cheque?

    We are here to help!

    First, let us shed some light on the steps in the cash out process.

    When you submit your cash out request, we will send you an email confirming that it has been received.

    Next, our team will review and approve your request within the next two weeks.

    We will also complete processing your request within the next two weeks – that means we export the full list of requests and prepare them to be printed and mailed! We do this twice each month; once in the middle of the month and once at the end.

    Once we’ve exported that list, you’ll receive another email update and your cheque should be delivered within the next four (4) weeks. We give a generous estimate because Canada is a big place and deliveries take different amounts of time depending on the destination.

    The date your cash out was approved is visible in your transaction list, and you will also have a Caddle email from us confirming its approval, so use that date as your reference!

    If your cheque is not delivered within FOUR (4) weeks of your cash out being approved, then please contact us and we will be happy to investigate. 

    Delays happen! Mail can get lost, some mail gets returned to us and some actually just disappear! Regardless of what has gone wrong, we’re here to help and we’ll always make sure you get your cheque.

  • Don’t panic!

    Typically, if your cheque did not arrive, it was probably returned to us.

    In that case, we are able to immediately reissue your cheque.

    If it was not returned, that’s ok, too!

    We can reissue your cheque, but we must wait for the original cheque to become stale dated and this occurs 3 months from the date of issue.

    Once we establish that your cheque is missing, we’ll add your cheque to that reissue list and it will automatically be sent back out on the 3 month mark!

    We do apologize for any inconvenience that the delay may cause you, but as long as you let us know the cheque is missing, we can make sure that a new cheque is sent out. 

  • You’ve cashed out and now’s the tough part – waiting!

    From the moment you make your cash out request, it can take up to SIXTY (60) days to receive your Caddle cheque (but usually it comes more quickly!).

    It can take up to TWO (2) weeks to complete our internal processing, and from there, it may take up to FOUR (4) weeks to arrive in the mail.

    Our cheques are mailed from central Ontario and so if you live on the East or West coast, the wait will be a bit longer than someone in Ontario, but there’s no need to be concerned that your cheque has been lost in the mail unless it takes more than FOUR (4) weeks to arrive in the mail. 

    Check your email for the update we sent you once your cash out request completed processing and if your cheque hasn’t arrived within FOUR (4) weeks of that date, send us an email. 

    We can figure out what has gone wrong and start the reissue process.

    Whatever happens, we’ll make sure you get your cheque!

  • So you’ve been on Caddle every day, taking surveys and redeeming offers left and right…and you can’t wait to see how your participation is paying off!

    Finding your account balance is simple and easy!

    In order to check account balances, log into your Caddle account via the Caddle app or the Caddle website at

    Your current balance will be displayed at the top right hand corner of the app or on your Account page on the web.

    If you’re interested in reviewing your submission history, on your Account page, select Transaction History to review every different transaction ever made on your account!

    Reach out to our team if you have any questions!

  • In 2020, Caddle launched a new kind of campaign on the platform and these offers don’t require any specific purchases to be made!

    This campaign is focused on the most popular grocery retailers in Canada and have very minimal requirements – 

    • Receipts must be from a specific retailer
    • A minimum purchase of $5.00 must be made
    • The purchase / receipt date must be within the current time frame

    That’s it!

    For the various grocery receipt offers, only receipts from the specific stores listed in the offer are available for redemption.

    We know that some of these stores may be owned by bigger corporations that own many grocery chains, but for the purpose of these offers, our clients are only looking for receipt data from the stores specifically listed in the offer.

    We’ve listed all of the submission requirements in the Offer Details, so please read them carefully!

    Have more questions? Send us a message!

  • Some of the best offers on our platform allow members to redeem more than once! 

    How do you make a submission and ensure that you’ve claimed as many redemptions as allowed?

    Open up the app and select the related offer from the main screen (the Offers page). 

    Once you’ve taken your photo, you’ll see that there’s a ” – + “ button right underneath the offer name. 

    Hit the ” + “ to increase the number of redemptions and select ‘Upload’. 

    If you don’t manually change the quantity, you will be automatically credited for 1, regardless of what is on the receipt.

    Help us help you by making sure to select the correct quantity!

    Important note! *** For any of the Buy 2 offers, please note that buying 2 of the items is equal to 1 claim and BOTH purchases MUST be on the same receipt ***

  • Yay! Approval emails are always nice!

    Did you open the app to take a peek at your updated balance, only to see that the credit from that approval wasn’t added to your balance?

    We can explain exactly what happened and how our system works!

    Our system tracks uploads as one, even if that upload may be attached to more than one offer submission, and credits are applied once all submissions have been processed.

    We’ll break it down with an example –

    Let’s say you have purchased one of the products on offer – eggs – and you purchased those eggs at Walmart.

    So, you open the Caddle app, take your receipt photo and submit your Walmart receipt to the eggs offer, and you also submit your Walmart receipt to the weekly Walmart receipt offer.

    This means that ONE upload has TWO transactions.

    The Walmart receipt submission gets approved right away, and the eggs submission is still pending in the system. So you receive the approval email for the Walmart offer, but the credits for the Walmart offer will be added to your balance once the submission to the eggs offer is processed.

    If you’re ever unsure, take a peek at your transaction history (which can be found on your Account page) to see if there’s a submission pending.

    Approved transactions have a green checkmark.

    Declined transactions have a red X.

    Pending submissions have a grey clock.

    If you don’t have a pending submission but the credit isn’t added to your account balance, let us know and we’ll get to the bottom of it!

  • Unlike many of our offers that require uploaded images of a receipt, Amazon offers are a bit different.

    Rather than uploading an image of a receipt, Amazon exclusive offers require that members upload a screenshot of their Order Details, and that image should only be submitted after the order / item has been delivered

    Luckily, your Order Details (which you can find when you sign into your Amazon account and check your Order History) will clearly show confirmed Delivery Details and we need our members to upload images that show the correct product has been purchased AND delivered in the screenshots uploaded to Amazon offers.

    Please make sure not to submit to the offer until your package has been delivered! 

  • Absolutely – the more, the merrier!

    It’s also a great opportunity to earn a Referral credit if you can refer family members!

    Members in the same household are allowed to have their own account, as long as they are operated by each individual member.

    No member may have access to another member’s account, so each account must be opened and operated by one person, and they may only have one account. 

    It is also important to remember that the same receipt cannot be uploaded to an offer on more than one account without being flagged and declined for being a duplicate.

    More questions? Let us know!

  • Product Reviews are a powerful tool in this day and age.

    Shopping for new products in store or online can be difficult, and reading about real experiences and opinions on products are helpful for consumers.

    Our Review collection campaigns begin with a Rebate / Coupon offer.

    Once your upload is validated and approved, you will be targeted to a follow up Review offer.

    We ALWAYS stagger the release of these campaigns so that each member has the opportunity to try or use the product they’ve purchased, so that feedback is legitimate and useful to our clients.

    We want members to feel empowered to submit honest feedback!

    When you write your review, focus on writing a review that would help you decide whether or not to buy a product. Leave as much detail as possible, and make sure that your review is focused on the product and make sure that each review is unique.

    Each review submitted to the platform is reviewed by our team, and reviews that are not usable will be declined. Please make sure to avoid submitting reviews that contain profanity, gibberish or lack product focused content. As well, please make sure not to submit the same review to more than one product!

    Please DO NOT submit Reviews for products if you have not tried or used the product.

    Members may only submit reviews after trying / tasting / using the product!

  • Your privacy is important to us, and we know it’s important to you!

    We’ll always notify you of policy changes, and updates, but it’s always good to check out our FULL Privacy Policy to stay in the know!

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    “A great way to learn and interact with brands knowing you're a valued customer.”

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    “Glad my friend introduced me to Caddle. Lots of great Savings in deals. Can't wait to do my first cash out.”