Influence Change in a very Rewarding Way

Caddle is a free app that connects our clients to their consumers.

We have different offer types that we make available to clients depending on their needs for the campaign.

We collect consumer insights for our clients to help them market to the right demographics, understand their consumers, improve existing products, innovate based on market trends and to help predict consumer shopping patterns.

We sell that data, and pay our members for each completed activity that collects that data.

Above all else, we want happy members, impressed clients and data with integrity.

Here's how to do it:

  • Download the free Caddle app.

  • Submit photos of your shopping bills and take surveys on your own time.

  • Start getting paid by brands who value your time and opinions.

Stop buying products for no reward and taking surveys that are a waste of time.

Instead, make money for trying new products and sharing your opinion with Caddle.