Saving Goals: Caddle team member Ajay

Sports fans know what it’s like to spend months anticipating the opening game of the season, and often dream of what it would be like to see a match live. If you’re dreaming of snagging stellar seats this year in your favourite stadium, Ajay Khanna, our Account Manager at Caddle, has some insights for you:

“At first, when I began working at Caddle, but as time passed, I realized the amount I could save within a given timeframe to myself and decided on Toronto Raptors Tickets for this season,”

Ajay Khanna savings goals

“I plan to cash out very soon, but first I must decide what game & when (perhaps during my birthday in March). It could be a free birthday gift from me to me.”

When he’s looking to save with Caddle, he looks for the larger offers and those that offer the best cash back first:

“I love sharing but do take advantage of the larger offers on Caddle such as Slim Jim. I find the offers that show the best cashback value or purchase those items on my daily shopping list, such as toilet paper.”

Ajay Khanna Savings goals Caddle

Tip: Join your favourite team’s fan club so you’ll be one of the first to hear about ticket offers, advises U.S. News & World Report. “Sometimes membership has a nominal fee attached, but that fee can pay off if you attend several games in a season.”

You can also shop the secondary market on websites like, or eBay, where ticket agents or season ticket holders unable to attend a game often resell their tickets.


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