Canadian Millennials vs. Boomers & COVID-19 Habits

The Great Divide | One Country, Multiple Cohorts

Published on November 9, 2020

At Caddle, we’ve been collecting consumer insights on Canadian grocery retailers since the pandemic began. Why? To help brands and agencies understand COVID-19 & the Canadian Consumer. As a result, we’ve turned those insights into a short report as we head into the busiest retail season of the year!

Ransom Hawley

CEO at Caddle

“Now, as we stare down a second wave of COVID-19, and with learnings gathered from living through more than half a year of pandemic-driven ups and downs, we at Caddle know that consumer insights have never been more important.”

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Ransom Hawley, CEO at Caddle

COVID-19: 5 Tips for Canadian Grocery Retailers in Q4 & the New Year

1. Don’t rely on old data

2. Don’t assume non-Canadian data is a “good enough” indicator of Canadian shopping preferences

3. Do talk to your audience throughout the purchase cycle

4. Do measure how you stack up against your competitors

5. Do invest in improving your omnichannel customer experience

So, the ongoing effects of COVID-19 on the Canadian retail sector is in for more tumultuous times – in December and most likely into 2021. As a result, brands need relevant and recent consumer data from a reputable source—and plan your holiday ramp-up accordingly.

So, What’s Inside?
  • COVID-19 | The pandemic has brought Canadians together but has also driven them apart
  • Retail is Failing | What consumers want vs. what they’re getting
  • Millennials vs. Baby Boomers | How generations differ in grocery shopping habits & what that means for brands and retailers
  • and more!

Sneak Peek

Grocery Retailers: Who is Winning & Who is Falling Behind?

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Full Insights Here: The Great Divide
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