Clarify, refine, and target with a data-driven solution.

Caddle is a tool that monetizes consumer data and insights to solve your marketing and business challenges.

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How fast are you getting your insights today?

Caddle Solutions accelerate time to insight to help you answer your questions, challenge your assumptions and grow your business. Caddle allows you to test your ideas quickly through a mobile consumer research platform that offers users cash-back to connect with your products and services.

In return you will gain powerful consumer insights that can be used to increase distribution, convert consumers that purchase competitors, and improve targeting & measurement of programmatic advertising.

Tap into Canada’s largest consumer panel, and start making decisions on sound market data.Get feedback directly from consumers!

Brands we've worked with

One Tool, Many Solutions

Here’s why our partners love Caddle.

  • Market Snapshot

    Understand your market, barriers, and use cases.

  • Claims & Concept Testing

    Quickly test and prioritize with any audience.

  • Drive Activation

    Drive purchase and receipt upload validation.

  • Build a Sales Story

    Equip Sales with recent and relevant data to sell smarter.

  • High-Value Audience Creation

    Better target and optimize your Marketing and Sales activities.

  • Competetive Intelligence

    Gather insights to understand your competitive consumers better.

  • Source Ratings & Reviews

    Immediately after activation, learn what your consumers think.

  • Customized Solutions

    Any research, to any audience, at any time.