The focus group of the 21st century!

Welcome to the future of consumer research. Caddle can deliver business changing insights faster than the industry standard. Caddle allows you to test your ideas in real-time through a mobile consumer research platform that offers users cash-back to connect with your products and services through surveys. In return you will gain powerful consumer insights that can be used to increase distribution, convert consumers that purchase competitors, and improve targeting & measurement of programmatic advertising.

Tap into Canada’s largest consumer panel, and start making decisions on sound market data.

Feedback directly from consumers!

  • No more months of waiting for research.
  • No more relying on dated information
  • No more assumption based marketing
  • Caddle helps brands solve problems using data-driven solutions.

Validate product market fit

Launching a new product to market? Caddle helps you to understand if your product or concept is likely to resonate with your target customer.

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Caddle solutions product fit

Sharpen value prop

Struggling to stand out in a crowded marketplace? Caddle can help you sharpen your value prop. Connect directly to the Caddle panel, and get insights in as little as two weeks on what product benefits are most important to your target consumer.

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Caddle solutions value prop

Drive to Shelf

Drive consumers directly to shelf with Caddle. Targeted offers help you to get feedback on in-store placement, as well as invaluable post purchase research. All while increasing sales!

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Caddle solutions drive to shelf

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