Get instant relief with these allergy medication insights

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the allergy medication is. Yes, while the snow and gloom of winter has finally been done away with, the new season we welcome brings on rejuvenation of life and air borne pollen.

If you’re living in parts of North America and suffer from allergies then you know that allergy season is no joke. Due to the high pollen levels in North America, allergy medication has the highest demand in this region. As such, this high demand has created a very lucrative industry for stakeholders in the global allergy treatment market. With a market that brought in $9,706.0 US million in 2017 and an expected compound annual growth rate of 5.5% from 2017-2025, Canada and the US have become a market with high interest in new advanced allergy medication.

With so much opportunity floating in the air, the team at Caddle has just been itching at the opportunity to get our hands on some insights and compare industry trends to how our user base reacts to their allergy medication purchasing habits. After conducting a survey, we were able to obtain 6,308 responses that gave us instant relief on what our users want out of their allergy medication.

Sunny with a high chance of pollen

Are you an industry leader and you just can’t shake the headache of trying to figure out what your consumers want out of their allergy medication? Fear no more because 57% of our respondents indicated that they are open to new allergy medication innovations. Seeing as advanced methods of allergy medication are in high demand, this leaves you as an innovator in the perfect opportunity to experiment with what consumers might want to try.

Get instant relief with these allergy medication insights

You check the weather, don’t you? So, what’s better than an app that tells you what the allergens are like in your surrounding area? This is something that Johnson & Johnson has begun to implement with their AllergyCast® app.

“We looked at when consumers were buying and taking their allergy medications and found that, for some reason, they were taking them when the pollen count was low and that seemed a little off,” said Sean Belke, Associate Brand Manager for Zytrec®. “Consumers didn’t really have the information they needed to understand what the allergy situation would be for them on a given day in their region.”

By uploading their area code into the app, the app will give you a scale of how bad the allergens are in the air and will thus help you predict how much medication you should be taking throughout the day.

Instant Relief

Do you ever find yourself in an awkward situation where your allergies hit you at the worst time possible so you pop a “fast acting” pill only to find out it’s not really all the fast acting? Well truth be told, you might not be taking your allergy medication fast enough!

Zeroing in on our survey results, while most of Canada is most interested in a chewable medication, we found that BC females are most interested in a fast acting face spray. But why the difference BC?

Get instant relief with these allergy medication insights

Well according to Global News, BC is seeing the worst allergy season ever in 2019 with Vancouver and Victoria seeing higher levels of pollen than usual. Similarly, “many allergy sufferers are making the mistake of waiting until they are experiencing symptoms before taking allergy medication,” said London Drugs Pharmacist Lily Liange.

On behalf of London Drugs, Insights West conducted a survey and found that four in 10 aren’t taking allergy medications early enough. Perhaps with the higher than usual pollen levels in British Columbia and the finding that individuals are often waiting too long before they start to take allergy medication is the reason why they’re looking for a fast acting, instant relief face spray to relieve them of their allergy symptoms.

Catching some Zzz’s

Have you ever been unable to sleep and ended up popping an allergy pill to help you doze off to a restful slumber? Odds are you’re aware that taking allergy medication makes you sleepy due to the antihistamines in them. But if you’re taking one of these at 3:00 p.m. on a Wednesday, you’re likely in trouble.

Yes, they work but the side effects aren’t necessarily beneficial to our daily routine. That’s why we believe that 39% of our respondents indicated that “product effectiveness” is one of their main purchase drivers when purchasing allergy medication.

Get instant relief with these allergy medication insights

We all want our medication to work, but we don’t want to be face down on our keyboard as the boss walks by. #awkward.

So what?

Allergy season is a time of year that affects many of us. Unfortunately, there is no curable options that have hit the market just yet but there is certainly countless options that can help reduce the symptoms of allergies. Our survey results indicate that there is a high demand for new innovative products that are fast acting and effective. The allergy medication market is in high demand for new medications so perhaps developing a fast acting face spray or chewable medication that reduces symptoms without feeling sleepy afterword s a trend that should be developed.

Caddle is a data insights company that strives to gather insights in the CPG industry to benefit those who are looking for a fast turnaround on what their consumer purchasing behaviours are like. If you’re in the CPG market and are looking to gather insights on your consumers, please feel free to reach out to us.