Caddle Answers: How to take the best picture for receipt approval

Have you been scoring some sweet offers on our platform and are ready to upload your receipt to our app to earn cashback? There are three ways to take pictures for upload, this is how you do it for each option.

First off, make sure you’re taking pictures in a well-lit area and that your receipt is as smooth as possible. Free from folds, creases and wrinkles as much as possible.

Note – It is important that you upload a picture of the whole receipt so we are able to validate your offer.

iOS Users – Make sure that Live Photos is turned OFF. Not sure what that is or how to do that? Read all about it here

In-App Camera (Automatic mode): In Automatic mode, our camera is automatically detecting a receipt image. When you want to use the automatic mode, our suggestion is to move slowly and with purpose. Set your receipt up against a dark background in a well-lit area. Hold the phone above the receipt and wait for the camera to highlight the full receipt (on Android devices, it outlines the receipt in white, and on Apple devices it highlights the full receipt in blue). If the highlighted area selects the full receipt, you’re all set! If not, simply select ‘retake’ until you see a clear photo of the full receipt.

In-App Camera (Manual mode): In manual mode, you are able to make sure that your receipt is scaled properly before you take the picture. If your receipt doesn’t fit in all one picture, you can take several pictures of the receipt and upload it to our platform.

Device Camera: You are also able to upload pictures of your receipt that you’ve previously taken on your phone. This option is ideal because once you’ve taken the picture, it stays on your phone until you delete it. This is great in the event you’ve lost or thrown out the original receipt!

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