Savings Goals: Team member Whitney

Ever have a bit of extra cash you’re not sure what to do with yet? Why not keep it in a favourite spot at home until you’ve spotted your next gotta-have item?

That’s exactly what Whitney Gillen, our chief marketing officer at Caddle, does with her dough that isn’t earmarked for anything specific – she has a pot where she stashes her “rainy day” fund.

Whitney Gillen Savings Article Caddle

“It could be used for a new pair of shoes that catch my eye, an outfit that brings me joy or a decorative item for my house. I’m also saving for home renovations (bathroom, kitchen).”

Tip: Got a dull room in your house that’s begging for some rejuvenation, but not a large budget? Perk up the space with vibrant hits of colour like green. Look for low-cost items like area rugs, art, dishes, plants and more. – Real Simple

Whitney Gillen Savings Article Caddle