How restaurants are building relationships

In his classic Kitchen Confidential, the late, great Anthony Bourdain famously revealed that the best day to eat out is Tuesday – for three key reasons:

  • The best chefs are off duty on Monday, return rested and ready to go on Tuesday.
  • Fresh ingredients are typically delivered to restaurants on Tuesday (also Thursday and Saturday).
  • Chefs prefer to cook for weekday guests than weekenders, because weekday guests are the true regulars – weekends typically track in tourists.
Loyalty - How Restaurants are building relationships

Restaurant Logic reinforces the importance of prioritizing regulars: they provide stable income, will champion you and recommend your restaurant to others, and are more willing to provide honest, helpful feedback to you, because they know you.

In a recent Caddle survey, 60% of respondents see loyalty and rewards programs as an important factor in their dining decision. Quality food and quality service are always important factors when it comes to food, but a loyalty program can seal the deal and help build your relationships with regulars.

Loyalty - How restaurants are building relationships

Clutch reports that loyalty members have a 26% higher annual spend, 10% increase in purchase frequency, 15% higher average order value, and 25% higher engagement versus non-members. Upserve states that 82% of loyalty members refer at least one person and spend an average of $2.14 more than non-members, which is vital in the quick service restaurant industry.

Upserve recommends offering a VIP experience to loyalty members, while Webstaurant Store suggests offering incentives such as a chance to win a free meal or gift certificate, to consider loyalty programs that integrate with your Point of Sale system, and to utilize the program to improve traffic during quieter periods throughout the week. Finally, Webstaurant recommends to make sure your rewards program is attainable, favourable, and above all else – simple.