Communication is key, Communication is king.

Customers and Clients

I’d like to think I’ve learned a lot when it comes to dealing with people & relationship building. From my experience in working in customer service for over 4 years, I realize now there is always something to be taught. We’ve all heard the saying, “the customer is always right”.   Not to discredit the customer but I’ve learned that in 2019 it’s not that straightforward.

Working with customers is one thing but working with clients is entirely different. From a client perspective, not only do you make the sale but now you must nurture and grow any relationship in order to grow revenue. My mindset was always to keep the customer happy. Now I realize this is the role of my entire team and I assist with this by acting as the advocate for the client.

Currently, working at a startup, I am learning that as similar as customers & clients may be, more effort goes into supporting clients daily.  My time is spent supporting clients’ objectives & goals and this is where communication is key in order to  make these actions happen.

Ajay Khanna Communication post

Teamwork makes everything work

Communication is a key factor in my approach for all involved in sales and campaign management.

A team needs to know how to provide all the details in order to communicate their expert views back to the client for a successful campaign. To dive a little deeper, the client needs to communicate their needs their account manager.   Then it is the account managers responsibility to address and communicate those needs to the team in unison to achieve the goal of success for all.

These goals include; organization, time management, managing both internal (colleagues) and external (client) relationships. Every department within Caddle possess their own expertise within their department.  By working together in a team, our clients receive the best feedback/improvement in order to meet their objectives.

Through proper engagement & communication with the entire team, the client gets the best experience possible.  It’s amazing to see as the many aspects within a team it takes to create and implement a successful campaign, but together the team pulls it off, always!

Ajay Khanna Communication article

Every client holds new opportunity for learning and that makes my day much more exciting.  I enjoy learning and building the relationships with Caddle clients.  I’d like to end by saying, yes, “the customer is always right” and also yes “working together as a team equals success”.  Success comes from finding the balance and that’s the role of a strong account manager.  Learning how to communicate best gives the best possible service to any potential client.