Canadian identity: Seven similarities of the common Canadian

Although known for embracing the many cultures that make up Canada’s mosaic, it appears our multicultural population share more in common than one might expect. In a recent Caddle survey, 70% of respondents felt they have much in common with Canadians from other provinces – and here are seven of the many traits we share:

1. Frenzied fans of hockey

Invented in Canada, hockey is our official national sport. Canadian-born players continue to make up the majority of the National Hockey League at 41.6%, and our national teams have dominated on the international stage for generations.

Canadian identity Caddle research

2. Notoriously nice

If there are common characteristics non-Canadians cite of Canadians, it’s that we’re warm, welcoming, and polite – if not to a fault. In fact, without exaggeration, we’re likely to apologize even if you’re the one truly at fault. Sorry about that.

3. Hankerin’ for Hortons

Truly ubiquitous, Tim Hortons is the largest fast food restaurant and most popular coffee in Canada. Even the most hard-hearted coffee hipster will concede that Tims/Timmies coffee is iconic, beloved across the country, and a definite road trip staple.

4. Cottage country crazy

Home of approximately 60% of the world’s lakes, it’s no surprise that Canadians prefer to spend summer weekends at the lake.

Canadian identity Caddle research

5. Comedic claim to fame

From Catherine O’Hara to Eugene Levy, Jim Carrey to Mike Myers, Michael Cera to Seth Rogan – Canada is a historic hotbed for comedic talent.

6. Desired differentiation

If there’s one not-so-nice quality many Canadians share, it’s an almost passive-aggressive need to be known as distinctly not American – especially in our travels abroad.

7. Eh B C’s

For a word so short, there’s no shortage of its use. We often do not realize how much we say “eh” until we step foot in another English-speaking country where it’s not commonly used. Go figure, eh?