Caddle Answers: How long do I have to wait for approval?

Haven’t heard from us in a while and are beginning to wonder when your uploaded offer will be approved? Here is a quick guide on how long our approval process takes!

How long does it take to process receipts?

The quick answer: 72 hours. But there are many factors that can raise or lower the expected approval process. Here are the most common reasons that receipt approval may be delayed. 

  • Volume of submissions – we love it when our members are excited about our offers. Chances are if you’re interested in redeeming, so are many others. This is great! However, because each upload is reviewed individually when we have high volumes of submissions, our processing times increase. 
  • Receipts from retailers who do not use UPCs – Universal Product Codes help our automated system breeze through receipts. UPCs make item identification easier for validation. If your receipt upload is from a retailer who does not use UPCs, that upload is pushed to a human reviewer and they just don’t work as quickly as robots!
  • Technical issues – these are the worst! If something is going wrong in the app or in our processing system, which might be affecting receipt images and their readability, we are likely a bit behind in our processing and working to catch up.



Got more questions about how we run things at Caddle?

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