11 of the best savings accounts Canada

The world of personal finance can feel overwhelming when you dive in – how do you know where to invest, which debts to pay off first or what you should do with your savings when everything feels so new? Fortunately, you can learn a lot – for free – by researching reputable sources online. Here are 10 Canadian personal finance and savings bloggers who know their stuff.

Half Banked

Desirae Odjick’s mission is to help millennials use their money to live the life they want. She demystifies all things money, from saving to spending, investing and even offering great advice on money management tools. Follow Desirae and soon you’ll be managing your money like a pro (even if you’re not one).

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11 of the Best Savings accounts Canada

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Boomer & Echo

Robb Engen, a 38-year-old married father, founded the award-winning Boomer & Echo as his online side business. He also holds a full-time job and is a self-taught money expert who hopes to become financially independent by age 45. He uses this blog as a guidepost to keep himself accountable and also shares debt reduction strategies, budgeting basics, short-term savings goals, investing, retirement prep and more.

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How to Save Money

This list wouldn’t be complete without a blog actually named How to Save Money. Self-described money nerd and techie by trade Stephen Weyman targets his content to Canadians looking for ways to save money on the mundane costs of life so they can spend guilt-free on the things that matter most to them. His well-researched and detailed articles help you spend less and get more.

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Common Cents Mom

Mom Hollie Pollard’s mission is to share her journey of becoming a smart consumer who knows that cents matter. You’ll want to subscribe if you’re looking for common sense money tips, life hacks, smart shopping solutions and the joys of giving back. Her blog is one of the top 20 blogs in the GTA written by one person according to Alexa, and has been listed as ¬†one of the top 30 personal finance blogs in Canada.

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Young and Thrifty

This leading personal finance website for millennials in Canada is a one-stop shop for financial tips and advice. It’s managed by Kyle Prevost and Justin Bouchard, two Canadian millennial money experts, entrepreneurs, and investors seeking to raise financial literacy among their peers. They tackle everything from easy budgeting to how to save money and credit card reviews. The site is one of the most popular personal finance websites in Canada and has been featured in several major media outlets.

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Financial Uproar

Financial expert Nelson Smith has one goal: to educate the masses on personal finance while making them laugh. As someone who became financially independent by age 35 and achieving seven-figure net worth, he has spent thousands of hours studying personal finance, investing, and a plethora of other financial topics. His writing has been featured on several major media sites.

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Fabulously Broke in the City

Fabulously Broke in the City is written by a 20-something who got out of $60,000 of debt in 18 months, earning $65,000 (gross) annually. She’s “just a girl trying to find a balance between being shopaholic and a saver.”

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11 of the Best Savings accounts Canada

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Jessica Moorhouse

Jessica Moorhouse is a millennial money expert, speaker, award-winning blogger and more whose passion is personal finance and living a balanced lifestyle. She’s on a mission to teach others how to take control of their lives by taking control of their money.

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Earth and Money

Earth and Money is written by a self-described late 20s, card-carrying member of Generation Y living in Toronto who blogs anonymously under the name Earth and Money (sometimes using EaM as a moniker). Passionate about personal finance and our environment, he began blogging to battle the misconception that living an environmentally responsible life costs more money.

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Retire Happy

Retire Happy publishes top quality, timeless financial information by various contributors that can make a lifetime difference if you’re looking to plan practically and make retirement the best years of your life.

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11 of the Best Savings accounts Canada

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Money We Have

Barry Choi is a personal finance and travel expert whose blog is one of Canada’s most trusted sources on money and travel. He combines is knowledge of finance with his passion for travel and encourages people to see the world. He shares practical tips everyone should know regardless of your budget.

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