Caddle Pricing Packages

Caddle pricing is developed in collaboration with each individual client to meet their needs. We work flexibly and offer customized solutions to fit every budget.

Know what people buy

Why work with Caddle?

At Caddle we know that you want valuable insights faster into how consumers are buying and thinking about your products so you can build consumer loyalty and sell more.

Caddle’s innovative research-driven mobile platform uses our advanced mobile technology to gather data quickly.

Know what people think

Understanding your customer allows you to make better decisions

The problem is you’re spending too much money on status quo mass advertising like TV and relying on out of date market research. You risk losing customers to brands that understand what their consumers want, when and where they want it.

Once you understand your ideal customer best and apply a non bias approach you are in the best position for growing your business and market share.

Sell more products!

Reduce waste and make more money

Caddle allows you to be assured in your data driven decisions, reducing waste through general targeting to those that are not your ideal customer.

Through informed decisions, you are best equipped to make strategic decisions about your product’s growth plans and get the best return on investment.



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