Report: Stocking Up in the Freezer Aisles

The Pandemic’s Effect on the Frozen Food Category in Canada

Published on May 26, 2021

Frozen foods were already popular before COVID-19 hit, especially among the “Fast Food = Convenience” subset of consumers. Yet, specific factors dictated by the pandemic—and the ways that consumers have had to transform their lives because of it—have led to a sales explosion in several frozen categories over the last year. For instance, between March 2019 and 2020, frozen fruit and vegetable sales increased by 117% and 129% respectively and sales of frozen potatoes rose by more than 60%.

What's Inside


  • Frozen Foods Figure Heavily in
    Canadian Consumption Patterns
  • Canadians Love Their Frozen Snacks
  • 4 Main Drivers for Canadian
    Shoppers’ Increased Frozen Foods
  • The Frozen Pizza Wars: Local
    Favourites Gain Traction through
    Variety and Innovation
  • Conclusion: What Will It Take to Win
    the Frozen Food Category?
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